In the spring of 2015, we discovered a high demand for short-term rental of fully equipped accommodations. We now mediate and manage approximately 80 homes in Tilburg.

Our offer now consists of more than 80 fully equipped homes. Flexibility is our top priority. For example, we offer apartments for shorter rental periods in Tilburg.

Short stay means that a house is rented for a short period. This contrasts with the 'normal' renting, which often takes place for an indefinite period of time.

We work with an 'all-in' rental price. This is based on the fact that all our homes are modern furnished and upholstered. They are also equipped with pans, cutlery, bed and white goods, microwave, etc. for comfortable living experience. Also, the rent also includes gas, water, electricity, television, and internet.

To manage the short-term rental, all homes are modern furnished, upholstered and equipped with furniture. We have also pre-arranged things like gas, water, electricity, television, and internet.

In this way, we can switch quickly and serve our target group of, among others, expats.

In general terms, the following applies to taxes and levies: owners are billed for owner levies (such as the property tax/OZB) and users (tenants) for user levies, such as the waste levy.

A tenant pays municipal taxes if he is registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA).

Taxes are not included in the 'all-in' price because a resident of the municipality of Tilburg has to pay this tax.

If a tenant does not register, you, as the owner, must pay the tourist tax.

We only accept accommodations that are modern furnished and upholstered. They must also be equipped with pans, cutlery, bedding, and white goods, microwave, etc. for comfortable living experience.

We use the new (Dutch) fixed-term lease for a maximum of 2 years. This possibility has been included in Dutch law since 1 July 2016 and is intended for the situation in which the tenant leaves after the agreed fixed period. The renter has no rental protection with this model. They must, therefore, leave at the end of the contract.

Our lawyer has adapted the standard model of this lease to meet the requirements of our business operations. The resulting rental agreement has now being applied to our entire offer. We conclude the rental contracts with the tenants on behalf of you as the property’s owner.

The minimum rental period is one month.

After there has been mutual contact and a certain degree of trust has been built up, we will send the potential tenant the rental agreement and general conditions by e-mail. After the tenant has read these and if agreed upon, he/she can then (digitally) sign the agreement and return it to us by e-mail.

The foundation collects and ensures the distribution of the net proceeds to all stakeholders in the process. You will receive the net rental income from your property from the foundation.

We receive every new tenant on site for a personal welcome, explanation of the facilities, information about the area, house rules and transfer of the key to his/her new home. At the same time, we inspect the home and record our findings, mainly photos, in a digital report.

Since the digital report mainly consists of photos, any damage caused by the tenant can be demonstrated. As a result, a deduction from the deposit or a liability claim will often be a lot easier to achieve.

The target group mainly consists of

  • Expats
  • Business people
  • International teaching staff
  • Employees of companies
  • People who are in a renovation
  • People who have to bridge the period between two homes
  • People with fire and water damage to their home


Suitable homes are nicely furnished and located in an attractive environment. An attractive environment is different for every tenant, but in general, it is about a home in or near the city center with a good connection to public transport. Also, the presence of nearby supermarkets, restaurants, and cafés is always a plus.

Expats mostly prefer to stay close to their work or have a good connection to it. The interior must be comfortable (a modern look is an advantage) and clean. Furthermore, the looks of the interior can best be kept within a certain range of ‘neutral’ so that it may appeal to the widest possible audience.

Mainly through a continuous and proactive effort, both towards the tenant and the owner. The priority here is to relieve all parties involved as much as possible with our service.

We charge a monthly commission for our work. This commission will be settled with and deducted from the rent, after which the "net" proceeds will be transferred to you.

The monthly commission concerns an amount established per concluded lease after mutual consultation between client and contractor.